Hos oss sover du i lyse, trivelige rom med god plass. Vi har tre ulike boenheter: i kafeen satt opp på begynnelsen av 1800-tallet, kårhuset fra 1956 og «Stålehuset» fra 2005. i Stålehuset har vi tv-stue og felles oppholdsrom. Med cirka 30 sengeplasser og 20 ekstrasenger er det god plass til både store og små familier og selskap. I overnattingen inngår deilig gårdsfrokost, sengetøy og håndklær. Hos oss sover du godt i gode senger og våkner opp i fantastiske omgivelser med følelsen av «gårdsro». Dyr er tillatt mot et ekstra gebyr.

Pris for dobbeltrom: 950,- og enkeltrom: 750,-

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We have three different buildings for accommodation. All of the rooms are with good space, light and view either to the sea, the ruins or the garden. In the mainhouse we have three rooms: “Kjøkkenloftet”, “Himmelsenga” and “Kammerset”. These are kept in the original style and gives the guests not only a good night sleep, but also an insight of the traditional style of Norwegian housing. In the charming “Kåret” we have four rooms.From the old times, Kåret was an additional housing estate on the farm. When a new generation was to take over the main responsibility of the farm, the older generation usually moved to kårhuset from the mainhouse. In “Stålehuset” are seven rooms. This house was built in 2005 and are a modern house equipped with a TV-room and possibility for meetings and small gatherings. Right outside is a nice garden where you can take pleasure in a quiet time for yourselves or we can provide a grill or food and drinks from the restaurant.

For all our rooms, we have shared bathrooms with toilet and shower and linen is included. Pets are mostly welcome and are you traveling with your family or a group, our houses and rooms are well fitted as you can stay close together. Open every day from 11.00 a.m. to 16.00 p.m. until the 20th of December. Openinghours in 2021 will be announced later.