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The brewery

Klostergården Håndbryggeri, where the nobleman Jørn is brewery manager, was started as an extension of the food and beer service in Klostergården, with a desire to brew good and exciting beer that is both for the various dishes served and which can also be enjoyed alone.

Beer tasting and multi-course beer dinner with selected combinations is a popular offer for groups and companies.

Jørn has a desire to maintain the craft aspect of the brewing process by, among other things, drying the malt in his own sowing house. 

The collaboration with Bonsak malt productions makes Klostergården one of the first microbreweries in Norway to use only Norwegian-grown grain in beer and whiskey production.


In 2014, our "Alstadberger" was awarded the first Specialty label for a Norwegian beer. To get this label, the beer must contain Norwegian-produced malt and hops.


Opening hours

Restaurant - Hver dag
11.00 - 18.00

Gårdsbutikk - Hver dag
11.00 - 16.00

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